Durham County Council (DCC) are proposing to introduce Selective Licencing county wide!

Landlords could have to pay a licence fee of £590 per property!

Tenants could see rent increase by £5 per week!

Many Landlords could sell up. This could trigger falling house prices.

It will be harder for Tenants to find property to rent.

DURHAM PLuSS have a positive alternative but unless we can show it has wide support, Selective Licensing which will essentially be be a Durham Tenant Tax will be steam-rollered through.

  • Suggested scheme fees up to  £590 per property!

  • Fines of up to £30,000 if not licenced

  • Extra admin for applications, compliance and inspections

  • Landlord is made responsible for tenants behavior

  • Referencing requirements imposed

  • New mortgage rules mean Landlords may struggle to finance upfront costs.

  • Public Register of Landlords and the Properties They Own
  • Durham County Council will label where you live an area of
    • low housing demand
    • anti-social behaviour
    • high deprivation

  • This effectively categorises where you live as suffering high criminality and antisocial behaviour

  • It could put off prospective buyers and drive down house prices! North Ormsby prices fell 22% in the first year!

  • The scheme, as proposed, will not succeed in any of the claims made by the Council because it is ill thought out, targets the wrong people and massive areas.

  • However, it will raise £25M that can only be spent on
    administration! It is a Job Scheme for Council Officers!

  • Rent increases around £5 per week from the Durham Tenant Tax

  • Council Can Inspect Property Without Notice

  • References Required For Last 5 Years

  • Additional Referencing and Other Licence Rules Will Require Landlords to be More Discriminating Which Will Make it More Difficult For Tenants To Get a Property

  • Landlords will put off improvements as they need to pay the fee upfront 

  • Fewer properties to rent
  • Increase Rent Arrears – Leading to Increased Costs

  • Lost Business – Some Landlords Sell Up or Move to Self Manage

  • Massive Up Front Admin to Get Licenced - Temporary Staff Costs

  • Increased Costs Due to Referencing and Other Compliance Requirements

  • Legal liabilities




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